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Polaris Parkinson's Community Newsletters

We're celebrating Parkinson's Awareness month in April by launching our Polaris Parkinson's Community Newsletter. Each month, Polaris Speech and Neurological Rehabilitation will provide up-to-date research and information related to life with Parkinson's Disease through our online Newsletter. You'll find information, educational events, and various resources to support your life with Parkinson's Disease.

See April's Newsletter by clicking on the picture above. Click on each underlined text in the newsletter to be taken to a website with more information on that event, program or topic.

A new newsletter will be published each month to help you keep track of upcoming events and opportunities as well as to help you easily learn information related to wellness with Parkinson's Disease.

For more information and resources related to Parkinson's Disease as well as to sign up for our newsletter mailing list, click on the button below or contact us at or 330.227.4656.


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