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Resources for People with Parkinson's Disease

One of our priorities at Polaris Speech is to connect you and your family with resources to support your journey with Parkinson's Disease. In addition to providing Speech-Language services, we can help you find the right resource, whether locally or nationally, to support your physical, psychological and emotional health. Recent research or programs as well as upcoming seminars will be featured in this space with additional resources linked in the pictures below.

Featured Resource

The PD Resource Roundup: Virtual Edition provides you with links to online education and exercise classes available on the websites of the leading Parkinson's Disease organizations all in one document.  Click on the underlined text in this resource to link to various websites with additional information on that topic.  You can also subscribe to the Polaris Parkinson's Community monthly newsletter below to receive a summary of Parkinson's Disease-related information and upcoming educational events directly in your inbox.  

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Click on the picture of a topic below to find multiple online and local resources for each category.

Please check back as this page is growing with resources! 

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